You can if you want to ... help to sponsor this website, camera & photo hotel.

My dream is to preserve our memories to the future, this is something I thought about for years, and now I want to make this a reality through this website, if you think about what I do, write and shoot and want to participate with a little sponsorship makes me very glad .

All my cards with the logo on will be free as it ever was but I will charge by private individuals who want printed images from the archive that will be built up gradually, and then without logging in;)

I have traveled by car since i was like 14-15 and those 35 years, much has changed and i see that it will be difficult for those who want to ride around in a US car on 35 years. Will it even be the petrol then, they build on the electric car, solar powered or ??

The sound of a V8, the smell of us might not have left but photos, music and our memories may be preserved as much as possible.

Therefore, those who contribute a penny ... (even free entries which happens to me sometimes will count towards this) ... to get his name on the sponsorship side to attack, it gets a new one every year, and the text gets bigger denomination of donation.

Swedbank 8114-1 63428726-2

swich +46 720-137399