We have so many good musicians in our country and abroad playing in the country to entertain us all.

They have for the most common job in the weeks and passionate about the music on the weekends and sometimes at the expense of friends and families.

I would like to pay tribute to them in my own way, because I get to shoot them where they will not escape the spotlight so I give them a respective folder here where I fill in as I shoot them // Let us know about any card does not fit.

It happens that these guys and gals want to use my cards of the judgment to the album cover and the like and givetsvis is free for artists to get the cards. Sometimes I signed the results of them, it makes me happy and proud harbors those immediately in my living room.

I sometimes play these fiddler plays with very tinny sound and poor light, will try to get the recordings also eventually.

Quite simply, I can only say .... Thank you for the music.

Puts & Chrome



Band och artister som vill ha info om hur man kontaktar dom...hör av sig med skriftlig info så lägger jag gärna in det på er respektive mapp.