I have so many good friends and acquaintances who tell wonderful stories, heavy life stories and funny episodes from his life, I have a personal desire that you should give me a chance to write down the stories on my website, a sort of private gallery with us and that we have experienced over the years.

Because what unites most of us over the years are engines of various types, I would like that they get space in a personal way and since this is as new to me as to you, I hope you have confidence in, to trust, that I will do you justice.

A major reason for this is that this recent history we live in disappearing the oldest, and the life we ​​lived is not preserved to any great extent.

My desire is that you will contact me so we're talking and I write down your memories as best I can for all of us, friends and acquaintances will remember you and what has been set in the future.

Your age to tell the authorities.

You can not be anonymous, and you tell based on your own experiences.