Here I intend to make room for clubs in our country.

I see that new clubs are formed and old ones are dropped.

I want to try to preserve our memories of these farms so far brought us who go American cars together across the country. The old hooligans are about out of time and their stories die with them, we may not be able to save all the memories but we need to start documenting them, my wish is that we start with it as soon as possible !!!

Splendid panoramic club has existed for over 40 years, most voluntary and charity work to attend to them and pay the rent.

I will link to each club who have website where you can read for themselves if it interests you closer, I want this your memories of the same club.

I will make a folder for each Club house / pick up the club where it will be your memories of these places are entered.

Do not forget to get not the old clubs younger members of the banner into the future, with our traditions, so will our culture as we know it ... slowly but surely disappear, we can see even now when some fine old full houses disappears from us.

I want to emphasize that everyone is important in our culture, whether you are freeriders or vest carrier when there are marks on the vest which unites us as greasers ... without the car is the most important attribute that should come first.

For me it is important to try to select club parties before the private operators who only have a monetary profit in sight. A few good organizers who organize rockabilly music tries to choose the date when they will not collide with the clubs in the surrounding area will have my respect and sometimes presence when it fits into my life, they make a huge blow for the music, which is also a great interest for me and they do a great job, but my priority will club shanties in the first place.

Please let me know if you want to be, you may not be anonymous, you must personally have experienced it you want to tell.