By law, the following exemptions from the shooting in Sweden:

Do not shoot protected (usually military installations).

Do not shoot where it is signposted on the photo ban.

On private land, such as museums, night clubs etc, it is the person who stands before who have the right of use, ie, the property owner or lessee who decides on the premises in case you may or may not shoot.

This means you can shoot anywhere else !!!

You get to shoot anyone without permission from the person in question, we must go how close they want as long as you do not impede the person to move.

If the person asks you to stop, you do not do so by law.

Publishing pictures

You may publish their photos how they want, as long as it is not about marketing (advertising), it means that anyone (not the photographer) wants to use the image must ask people in the image of God.

Givetsvis have those who want to use the image also ask the photographer for permission (whether each picture is shown somewhere ... t.o.m Facebook and Instagram).

You may view photos of the exhibition, publishing articles in magazines and books of all categories, the only thing required is permission from the photographer to use the picture (copyright).

Now remember

That all may shoot anyone, wherever you want, except on private property, no one can take camera, film or memory from you, not even the police.

Me Anna, I beg you to hear from you if I photographed you, and you certainly do not want to be on my card.

Refer as to which year, the album and the image, the image will be removed in.

It should be you in the picture.

Since most pictures have been out on Facebook, and some have been told that the cards should be removed, they are there on FB ... they sit sadly left on my original album, so if I do not remember that they must be removed before I lay out Court (again) ... then I thank you for your patience to tell me again about your particular photo.

// Puts & Chrome