I like to go by car, I like history and have a little adventure.

Many of the racks are I end up just become ... I'm out and about and see something and stops as well just to often be fooled, I set off on somebody path that leads me away to exciting discoveries, a story, sometimes I look when facts to To learn more about the place, I just found. Sometimes I find only my grumbling stomach for several hours without food and water for it as well as forgotten in all the excitement is around the corner.

Sometimes saying no ... come on ... I'll show you something you probably like, or go to this place, as I sometimes do, and usually think much about.

The best thing about my adventures that usually is a free entertainment (except petrol money) then I like animals and nature, museums are usually free or entrance around 100 patches to see past times and in the berätelserna I give you urban or tourist traps, can you just imagine the patience, I may have to shoot without people on them !!!

I like stories with illustrations and think this tell you about my adventures ... big or small, they all contain a history, some facts and then my imagination mixed with photos ...

Puts & Chrome