Hello friends and family

I have created this website to spread my photos in the first place and my writings and frolic in the second and third hand. 

Pictures will eventually at some tabs, (unfortunately fit them in price here on the website, but i'll buy me a photo hotel where the pictures can sit forever this will happen when i can afford to buy it.)

The reason for this is that i often meet people who ask where the images end up when the answer is this, they are often disappointed when some members are not there and i have long known that the cards should be seen by everyone.

Photo is an interest i've had periods in my life, from a small kodak 24 of images as a child, for today a Canon 700 D used extensively where i am. I shoot my life and they and what is in my neighborhood, my preference is the macro and to my disadvantage is that all the facts about the shoot, see the manual remains unread in the box camera came with. i do not want to talk cameras & technology ... just want to take the card.

Music is important to me, are omnivores but on my stereo becomes the most rockabilly, old traditional rock 'n roll or blues, i also likes country music and oldies and Eddie Meduza. I like to go to live concerts and take my time as often as i can ... which is almost every saturday year round to different music hits in our small country.

I like to combine music with taking photos and albums will come eventually from there i go on.

I also like history and have some writings in his head that i was going to try me on to write down when it suits me and i begin to share a little old causeries I have published in the past but the new stuff will eventually.

"Raggar culture" is close to my heart, if you have interest ... you can visit some thoughts and ideas i have about this lifestyle that I believe must be preserved .... how to do it, you can take some of the tabs on the left , press the main tabs to read the information for subfolders.

I hope you will enjoy working with me here, to my texts and images may interest you and hope that some of them will survive me from the present to history.

// Puts & Chrome

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